Christmas Lights

It seems like yesterday I was just taking down the Christmas lights and storing them up in the attic. This weekend, I made that familiar journey back up those stairs. As is our custom, a multi week effort to holiday highlight our home begins the weekend after Halloween. Down come the boxes, lights, trees, stockings, ornaments, and dressings. Even the soundtrack changes. It is ridiculous, and I love it, every bit. Well, except for the dusty boxes and pesky cobwebs. But soon, twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments and festive splashes of holiday will fill every room. It even flows outside into the yard and onto the house as multi-color joy and gladness sing against the night sky. 

We are crazy. I admit that. Our neighbors stop at our house and laugh with me as I christen the Thanksgiving and Christmas season by hanging some of the first lights in the neighborhood. But I’m not alone. No, our zeal appears to be contagious. Before weeks end, fellow crazies are adorning their own houses too. And to be fair, go to any retail establishment or tune in to any streaming service (including our own) and you will see wall-to-wall holiday decorations! 

We need joy. These are dark times and getting darker. Winter is here again in the northern hemisphere. But I love this time of year! While the days grow cold and darker, décor becomes warmer and brighter. It’s like optimism stares in the face of doom and says, not today! Cheer illuminates the landscape. Lit trees and candles make their campaign against the growing shadows. The dark night is vanquished and hope eternal glows on.

How are you doing? Are these darkening days wearing on you? If so, add some light. Turn on the holiday cheer. Tune in to some festive ambience and embrace this time of the year as we make our well-worn path around the sun. Embrace the season and prepare for some fun. It’s time to make some new celebration memories… just watch out for the cobwebs. Here’s to a happy, hopeful, and bright holiday season!