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Welcome to the Book of Jason!  This is a place I store random bits of knowledge, trivia, and wisdom that I discover along my journey. I’m keenly interested in technology, science, leadership, people, culture and philosophy.

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  • Birthday Connections
    My dad and I share the same birthday. I once asked him if he liked celebrating his birthday. Without missing a beat, he laughed and exclaimed, “It’s better than the alternative!”  Growing up, we would count down to the date together. He loved to call a week before to remind me that our birthday was …
  • Traditions
    I confess, we are troublemakers. We think differently. And we like to do things that are different. We don’t adapt to the world around us, we attempt to adapt the world to us. We love to challenge the status quo, join the rebel alliance, experiment with new ideas and promote constructive discomfort. We sit at …
  • Feast of Life
    It was time to head to the airport. The smell of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon hung heavy in the air. I could hear the sound of an excited crowd as I rounded the corner and entered the lobby. There it was! A huge ginger bread carousel, slowly spinning around and surrounded by adoring fans. It …
  • Christmas Lights
    It seems like yesterday I was just taking down the Christmas lights and storing them up in the attic. This weekend, I made that familiar journey back up those stairs. As is our custom, a multi week effort to holiday highlight our home begins the weekend after Halloween. Down come the boxes, lights, trees, stockings, …
  • The Spirit of AI
    If you have spent anytime playing with ChatGPT or other LLMs, you will no doubt have a moment or two where you are shocked by the responses. They can seem so alive and even human at times. Of course, they are trained on vast amounts of human output. The written word. Thoughts verbalized and codified …

iCurlHTTP and iOS Development


iCurlHTTP is a simple, easy to use app that allows you to run MacOS/Linux-like cURL tests against URLs. It can simulate different web browsers (user-agents) to retrieve the raw HTTP headers and HTML response from web servers. Want to know the history and build details on how iCurlHTTP came about?  Read this blog post.

Need to learn how to build iOS and tvOS cross-compiled versions of cURL, OpenSSL and nghttp2? Take advantage of this handy project: https://github.com/jasonacox/Build-OpenSSL-cURL


  • Technology – Explore various Arduino, (arduino.cc). ATtiny85, Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi.org) and ESP8266 WiFI microcontroller projects. I give details on several projects I have taken on over the years, including home automation, security systems, WiFI water detectors, weather stations and 3D printing. I also chronicle random investigations into current technologies, computer science and beyond.
  • Science – Reviews and contemplations about all things science but mostly quantum physics.
  • Leadership – Study up on a collection of blogs, publications, book reviews and conferences on Leadership, Culture and Business.
  • Finance – Find practical wisdom tidbits that I have discovered through my reading.
  • Entertainment – Comments and reviews on movies, parks and the industry.
  • Theology – Study and contemplate of our Creator and practical spiritual applications.

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I love to hear from friend and meet new people. You can contact me via social media at Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out my OSS projects on GitHub as well.

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