Tiny Wonders

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Prochlorococcus.  Try saying that ten times fast!  Prochlorococcus is the smallest photosynthetic organism on Earth.  This microscopic phytoplankton measures a mere 0.6 μm (0.0006 mm) but is the most abundant photosynthetic organism on Earth.  Without any ability to move, this faithful little bacterium spends all its time floating around in our oceans absorbing the warm rays from our sun and converting that energy into oxygen.  Scientist estimate that this unseen creature is responsible for producing 20% of all the oxygen in our global biosphere.  That’s more than all of the tropical rainforest combined!  Take four breaths.  Now take one more.  That last one was oxygenated for you by your friendly neighborhood Prochlorococcus. 

Isn’t life on our planet amazing?  All around us are tiny wonder, fellow creatures, seen and unseen that are playing out this incredible symphony of life. That includes us! Do you sometimes feel invisible? Insignificant? Maybe it seems that what you are doing doesn’t amount to much. If so, look to the Prochlorococcus. That little fellow can’t even be seen with the naked eye! Talk about invisible. Yet this brilliant little guy is responsible for helping sustain life across our incredible planet.  So are you. No matter how small it may seem, your actions add up. And not your actions only, but those of others around you too.

It’s easy to pass by and miss the beauty, the story and the miracle that is happening right before us. People and fellow creatures all around us are going about their business, making oxygen for their friends, their families and the world. We are part of that. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself buried in my screen, my projects or my worries.  I lock myself away in my own mental prison, completely oblivious to the spectacular wonder that is going on all around us.  Look up.  Step outside of your zone and breathe in.  Look for the beauty and priceless wonders that are all around us.  Appreciate those around you, doing their job, making a difference too. Soak in those golden moments and exhale.  It’s good to be alive!  

Thanks for all you do!  Your kindness, thoughtfulness and deliberate efforts are how we keep moving forward as a human family. And even when your work may seem invisible like our Prochlorococcus friends, remember, the work you do can make a global difference.  Look up from the screen.  If you can, go on a walk and breathe in the amazing life around you.  Those moments are like oxygen to the soul and ultimately make us better at what we do.  Take some time today to appreciate the tiny wonders of our world and the incredible life we have been given.

Have a great week!