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Welcome to the Book of Jason.  This is a blog of random bits of knowledge, trivia, wisdom, technology, science, theology and a bit a whimsy.

Projects – Make and break…

Apps! – Information about my recent mobile iOS development, iCurlHTTP.

Raspberry Pi – Latest projects with this amazing low-cost credit-card sized computer. (raspberrypi.org).

Arduino – Latest projects with this open-source electronics prototyping platform (arduino.cc).

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Entertainment – Comments and reviews on movies, parks and the industry.

Finance – Practical wisdom tidbits that I have discovered through my reading.

Science – Reviews and contemplations about all things science but mostly quantum physics.

Technology – Investigations in current technologies, computer science and beyond.

Theology – Study and contemplation of our Creator, Scripture and practical spiritual applications.

Apps! – Information about my recent mobile iOS development, iCurlHTTP.