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iCurlHTTP AppleTV v1.0 - The HTTP Server Response Diagnostic Tool - Curl for Apple TV

iCurlHTTP is a simple, easy to use app that allows you to run MacOS/Linux-like cURL tests against URLs.  It can simulate different web browsers (user-agents) to retrieve the raw HTTP headers and HTML response from web servers. 

  • Display GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS and TRACE Requests with Verbose Details
  • SSL Support - https requests with basic certificate and handshake information
  • Keeps a history of URLs tested in a scrolling list for easy repeated testing
  • Simple single-view interface with realtime result screen.
  • Simulates curl, iPhone, iPad, Safari and IE browsers (Chrome and Firefox on iPad)
  • Set custom User-Agent, Host Headers, and POST Data
  • HTTP Timing Details (Name Lookup, TCP Connect, SSL Handshake, First Byte and Total)
    HTTP/2 and IPv6 Support
  • Support for Authentication Credentials in URL (e.g.
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iCurlHTTP uses the libcurl library and OpenSSL library

Want to know the history and build details on how iCurlHTTP came about?  Read this blog post.

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iCurlHTTP - Created by Jason A. Cox
Copyright (c) 2016 Jason A. Cox. All rights reserved.